CHΩROS Wins Interior Awards 2021 Silver Award

Choros Sifakis Architects

In a time where “The Interiors” became an integral part of our lives, more than ever before, our determination to design spaces offering a wonderful experience became of outmost importance. Our goal to create architecturally intact spaces while designing for the people is highlighted in our latest project, “Serifos Extended”.

“Serifos Extended”, located in the island of Serifos intends to create a new residential experience, providing high quality spaces to accompany people’s everyday moments. The project concerns an autonomous guest house aiming to accompany a pre-existing upper house, while remaining fully independent in use. “Serifos Extended” acts as an example of “Serifian” vernacular architecture, while its design concept is inspired by the unique landscape of the Cycladic islands and more specifically that of Serifos. The island’s textured rocks, the canes existing in plethora in the island as well as the rusty metal that has become an integral part of its identity due to the mines that were active up until 1963 are the main materials that were used in the project’s conception. Through utilizing local materials and resources for the internal spaces of the caved guest house, while also incorporating a planted roof, our aim is to blur the boundary between interior and exterior spaces offering a coherent and multisensory experience to the inhabitants.

It is with great pride and joy that we received a distinction for our “Serifos Extended” project in the Interior Awards 2021. Winning the Silver Award for the Under Construction – Residential category feels even more special given the circumstances of our times and pushes our team to continue designing with zeal and enthusiasm.