• YEAR : 2013
  • LOCATION : Athens

Dionysos Project

Designed to serve a family of 4, the 700m2 villa located in Dionysos, Athens, embodies a bioclimatic design and expands in 4 different levels.
An intriguing element of the house’s design is its reversed planning scheme where, the kitchen is located on the top floor, offering the residents an unobstructed view, while the bedrooms can be found on the ground floor.
The house incorporates numerous environmental schemes such as its roof’s photovoltaic panels which power the whole house. Moreover, rainwater is collected on the roof which is later used for watering the natural landscape as well as for the house’s additional uses.
Natural heating and cooling is also incorporated through the house’s design as 70% of its grand opening are located on the site’s South façades, absorbing optimum sunlight, while a natural ventilation-cooling system is adopted through skylights placed on the roof’s perimeter.