• YEAR : 2021
Prize: Silver Award - Interiors Awards 2021

Serifos Extended

Located on the slope over Kalo Ampeli beach, the project’s design concept is inspired by the Cycladic relief landscape, and more specifically that of Serifos.

The wild rock, the island’s abundant reed, as well as the rusty metal which is an integral part of Serifos’ natural landscape are the key materials which were used for the project’s "inspiration". All the aforementioned materials have adorned the house’s interior, celebrating the Cycladic aesthetic while also creating a visual integration of interior and exterior spaces. As an extension, the construction offers the visitor an experiential transfer of the landscape’s senses: sight, smell and touch, to the inside.

Design-wise the project’s needs were determined by the requirement to create an autonomous and independent, to the existing holiday home, guest house.