• YEAR : 2024
Concrete’s otherwise rigid appearance takes a three-dimensional form for the creation of an apartment building where, the structure’s main cubic form is combined with curved forms on the balconies as well as woven wire rope, giving the cement an organic depiction.


Our project “Weaved”, which concerns the creation of an apartment building, was inspired by architects’ unwritten rule regarding the world’s practical and aesthetic improvement.
The building’s main structure is build using pre-casted concrete panels and although cement appears as a rigid material, its construction through molding allows full plasticity in its design process. The aforementioned quality was the basis of the project’s design, where we combine the building’s main cubic volume with curved forms on the balconies, giving the cement a three-dimensional and organic depiction.
Seeing how the beauty of cement is hidden in its original "naked" image, where, due to its neutral color and rough texture, the material acts as the perfect blank canvas. In this project, the concrete exists in structural harmony with high strength wire rope in a weaved design which, simultaneously brings out the tonality of the cement through a color palette of shades of gray and rust.
The building’s three-dimensional form is projected through the vegetation that was added at its focal points, giving the illusion that it emerges from the cement, acting as a source of inspiration for the future cement industry as a suitable planting ground.